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Monday 8 pm CST  – click here to listen or discuss on live audio.

Real Estate snakes are many colors and hide in strange places. Ownership has become more complicated.

Listen to our live audio phone group discussion about actual situations to help us avoid real estate snake bites. Some are poison and others can swallow your money.

Tell us your situation. Please join us on your phone: Video is optional … you may stop camera.

Owner, lender, appraiser, inspector, contractor, title escrow agent, broker, developer, builder, property manager, insurance agent, property association, surveyor. Oops …. lawyers are welcome to comment.

We do not pitch deals nor specific properties.  This is Not about how to get rich in real estate.

We may discuss rules, regulations, and laws, therefore consult your attorney and financial counselor in your state or jurisdiction. We may record this discussion for the benefit of future listeners.

We need moderators, speakers, and nightmare real estate stories.

Join to listen and make comments.

First time guests should start several minutes early to log-in.

Monday 8 pm CST  – click here to listen or discuss on live audio.

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